10 October 2018

Brera Design Days: Festival of design in Milan

Design Your Life

Third edition, from 12 to 18 october 2018, free entry with registration on www.breradesigndays.it

Seven days in Brera, the heart of Milan, where meetings, talks, exhibitions, workshops are taking place, for a festival which grows every year and aims at promoting the role of Milan as design capital, even beyond Salone del Mobile. 36 talks, 12 workshops, 145 guests, 11 exhibitions, 23 involved spaces in the Brera district, to investigate relationships between design and project, urban politics, graphic, industry 4.0, coding, trends.


Design Your Life

13 October, Microsoft House, 10.30-18.30

Design your community e politiche urbane

12 october, Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, 10.30-20.30.

6:30 pm The Future of Cities – powered by Domus

7:30 pm Airbnb Plus: case che raccontano storie. Da condividere

13 october, Milano Luiss Hub for makers and students, 14.00-21.00

Coding for kids

14 october, Microsoft House, 14.00-18.30

Service Design

15 october, Microsoft House, Rethink Service Design Stories, 18.00-20.30

Design Trends

12-15 october ore 18.30, Casa Corriere, powered by Corriere della Sera, Living e Abitare

12-18 october, sedi varie, per info www.breradesigndays.it 

Brera Design Books

14-16 ottobre, ore 18.30, Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli


Beato Design

Even design has got its own saints and patrons. At Brera Design Days six street artist will be celebrated, six protagonists of the Italian pavement art, thanks to the close collaboration with the Museo dei Madonnari of Grazie di Curtatone (MN). Mariano Bottoli, Federico Pillan, Tony Cuboliquido, Fabio Fedele, Ketty Artemisia Grossi and Valentina Sforzini are going to create live art their own interpretation of images and projetcs of six design masters in the streets of Brera streets. Microsoft House, 13 e 14 october live painting, artworks on show until the 16 october..

Mostro 2 – Graphic Design Camp

Project by Marco Sammicheli, Maria A. Di Pierro and Marco Williams Fagioli with the art direction of Zup Design, dedicated to the visual communication through the voice of international professionals. Exhibtions, talks, workshops, and a special event with the Viscom fair, are the formats chosen to communicate the stories of the invited professionasl. The guests of this edition are Agathe Singer, Gala Fernandez, Francesco Barbaro, Marco Goran Romano e Uros Mihic. Laboratorio Formentini per l’editoria, from 12 to 18 october.

Tramezzino – Intermezzo amoroso a Milano

An unusual sight over Milan from one of the most creative and renown authors of the Italian cartoons, Paolo Bacilieri, who uses his art to shows off a love declaration to cartoons in Milan, between extraordinary architectures which became icons of the city, from the mind of the architects-author, such as BBPR, Giò Ponti, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Vico Magistretti. Mostra curated by Matteo Stefanelli.

Corriere della Sera – Sala Buzzati, from 12 to 14 october.

Utility of unseful – does the Italian design give the cold shoulder to design thinking? It was asked to some of the designers who work in Italy to describe the creative process who contributed to the making of a product (physical or virtual). The exhibition is the incipit for a thought about the method, and the relationship with the masters of the past and the actual fenomenon of the design thinking. Curated by Valentina Auricchio and Francesco Zurlo with the support of Serena Leonardi and Martina Rossi. The designers exhibiting are Cara&Davide, Lorenzo Damiani, Design Group Italia, DOTDOTDOT, GUMdesign, Habits, Giulio Iacchetti, Ilaria Marelli, Tomoko Mizu, Paco Collaborative, Lorenzo Palmieri, Matteo Ragni, StudioFM, Studiolabo, VZNstudio. Microsoft House, from 12 to 16 ottobre.

Complete list of events and info on www.breradesigndays.it.