27 July 2015

BGP trips: Summer 2015 tours!

Our last section BGP trips is ready to face the summer, we are getting ready to leave for two extraordinary journeys that will lead us to discover, before the Western United States and then Brazil!

We go back to the US after the big tour of last year to deepen the culture of the places and the design of California, then in Brazil, especially Rio de Janeiro, for us will be a first time, we expect to be fully immersed in the Carioca culture signed by the famous architecture Oscar Niemeyer to the particular construction of the folk. Don’t worry, we will update you on our every day trips directly on the blog with a small diary day-by-day, but especially on our social networks with a lot of pictures, videos and comments!

We want to give you a preview of our journey with these maps where you will find marked the main stages that will touch.