19 January 2015

Basil Green Pencil Interviews: Leafers

We blew off our second birthday candle last December, and beyond the new layout and the new column named Design Portraits, we are going to open a second new section, which, as per Design Portraits, is going to face the design theme from an unexpected point of view, throughout which we wish to give a very personal vision on themes, objects, collections, and personal stories. We will speak about that taste that gives a difference, and that is about stories of people who decided to dedicate entirely to a creative discipline, stories told in their own cozy place, in the space they love and know the most, stories that self-tell through the description of a favourite object, which goes along with a memory, a daily activity, an essential action, an alive feeling. People who choose creativity as profession, dedication, passion and sometime obsession, often moving invisible cords from the backstage to produce pure beauty. The homes where we are going to get in are chosen carefully by us, for you all.

This new column is called Leafers, with the hashtag #designtastesgood.

The first one to tells about himself is one of us two:

Maykol Andreotti, co-founder of Basil Green Pencil, a well known name for our blog followers. He was born and raised in Bolzano, and he always looked for the creative side  in his everyday. Maykol starts telling about himself, and about those day in his childhood where he used to draw without break on paper, but also on the walls of his own bedroom. That together with moments in afternoon where, since he used to be absorbed with a photographic software. He now lives in Milan, where he moved to study at Interior design at Politecnico. After a short break in London, it is now 7 years he chose Lombardy as his first home.

Maykol what is your favourite object, the one that represents you the most in your work?

I am happy to start this new column and open the way towards the next interviews. My object is purely decorative and symbolic in the contest where I use it, I am really bonded to this adjustable wooden hand, the typical one from art ateliers, nowadays it is very popular. Our “meeting” is dated back in sept 2009, my first time in London, the big city which I was infatuated with. It was during my second year of university, and I was starting to discover the design world, and everything that would have been my future life. One day, after a very particular afternoon spent at the Natural History Museum, together with my group of friends, we stop, tired, to rest sitting on the sidewalk. In the time we were approaching it, I notice this hand on the ground, I immediately grab it and it is with me since then. I consider it a souvenir the city wanted to give me as gift. A bizarre meeting, but at the same time unexpected in that moment, where my life was still a pathway in training, and I took it as a sign. The creativity that distinguished my childhood, and that comes back with one of the most significant symbols: the hand. The part of the body which is our primary tool, before of the pencil and of the mouse! Since then I treasure it carefully, changing its shape sometimes, also in order to make it match with my own mood. It is placed under a glass dome to highlight its symbolic value, I could define it my personal Number One Dime.

We are very happy to have discovered something more about our guest, his favourite object, as he says, is now a must in every home and the Basil Green Pencil team loves it as much as he does.

It is important you let us discover your special objects. Use the hashtag #designtastesgood on Instagram. We will put them in our selection and they will be published every month!