03 March 2020

BASIL e-SHOP - Indipendent design from Milan

The 5th of december Basil Green Pencil blog opened a shop on its homepage, an online e-commerce which gathers indipendent makers in Milan on one single platform: unique objects, experiences and design services of creators are now available on https://shop.basilgreenpencil.com.  

A bespoke project which combines the blog communication to the online sale activity through a portal that works as a digital square where all the small, indipendent makers can sell self made products, experiences and services. The choice of the makers is not casual, Chiara & Maykol (the founders) select creators, and get in touch with them, because each piece enriches and adds value to both the blog and the shop, followed by a community of professionals of design and architecture (starting from Instagram), and therefore very demanding, craving for news from the design field. The shop is perfect for those looking at something valuable, with a contemporary design made in Italy, and produced in small series. The shop supports the network of designers producing value in Milan, they alone have difficulties to create a solid sale channel.

“Everything on Basil e-shop has been visualised in our own spaces first, or valued based on the enrichment they could bring to our designers skills, or simply considered based on the beauty and joy coming from sharing a specific knowledge.” Chiara

On the e-shop you find three main sections: experiences, decorative product, design services. At the moment there are products by: Puppettini, Piatto Unico, Roberta Co, Utkan G, Simone Castiglioni, Raffaella Design, Pink Pampas and a good dose of vintage. Chiara and Maykol offer their own services with workshops and bespoke design. Basil shop is born self-financed thanks to the blog’s earnings,  after two years this idea was on the back of our minds. To shop small supports the research of beauty and the indipendent well made.