26 March 2020

Art in Cinema: List of 25 art related films

Cinema is a great recreation tool wherever you are in the world, that is why we selected a list of 25 art related films, which you can see in the list here below.


  1. The Best Offer – 2012

Virgil Oldman is a genial and eccentric art expert, appreciated and renown all over the world, he is spending his life away from feelings, until a mysterious woman invited him on her own villa to do an evaluation.

    2. Woman in Gold – 2015

A real story, the one of Maria Altmann who returns to Vienna 60 years after the end of the war, to get back with a legal action the goods stolen to her family by nazis, among which the famous painting Woman in Gold by Klimt, (portraying her aunt) was present.

   3. Loving Vincent – 2016

An animation movie entirely portrayed with oil paint, a young man goes back to the last town Vincent Van Gogh has lived before his death, to deliver the last letter of the tormented artist, ending up to investigate on the last days of his life.

   4. At Eternity’s Gate – 2018

Willem Dafoe takes the role of the dutch painter, in his charming creative and neurotic enthusiasm, directed by Julian Schnabel. In Arles, Van Gogh works close to nature, but ends up to be hospitalised in psychiatry.

   5. Factory Girl – 2006

New York, 60s: a young model named Edie Sedgwick meets the star of the art world Andy Warhol.

6. Big Eyes – 2014

Towards the end of the 50s, the artist Walter Keane gets an incredible success thanks to the paintings of kids with big eyes. Nobody knows the real author of the paintings is indeed his wife, Margaret, who is to insecuree and shy to rise up.

  7. Basquiat – 1996

Basquiat is a 1996 film directed by Julian Schnabel and based on the life of the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, dead for heroin overdose in 1988.

  8. Pollock – 2000

Life and torments of the American artist Jackson Pollock, exponent of abstract expressionism. You see him struggling with problems with the reviewers of the time, alcoholism, and the difficult relationship  with his wife.

  9. Surviving Picasso – 1996

A decade of the life of the Andalusian painter Pablo Picasso, shown by his lover’s prospective. It rises a portrait of a selfish, egocentric, greedy and often angry man.

  10. Girl with a Pearl Earring – 2003

The Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer infatuated with a young maid, asks her to pose as model for one of his paintings.

  11. Frida – 2002

The true story of Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera, the painters with an iconic personality who became the most acclaimed artists of the history of Mexico.

  12. Pontormo – 2003

Pontormo – An heretic love is a 2003 film, directed by Giovanni Fago.

  13. New York Stories – 1989

Three stories, directed by as many great filmmakers, on the NYC life. A lawyer has got problems withe her mother, an artist falls in love and a privileged daughter of divorced parents lives in an hotel.

  14. Modigliani – 2004

The story of the artist Amedeo Modigliani, unfolds within his persistent rivalry with the famous Pablo Picasso, and his love for a catholic woman.

  15. Little Ashes – 2008

Set in the Francoist Spain the film is centred on the youth years of three artists, the filmmaker Luis Buñuel, the Spanish painter Salvador Dalí and the poet Federico García Lorca, from their first encounter at university, till their affirmation, especially focusing on the friendship between  Dalí and García Lorca which develops in an unusual love story.

  16. La Belle Noiseuse – 1991

Emmanuelle Béart was beautiful and very charming, when in 1991, at the age of 28 she posed completely naked and with no shame in this movie by Jaques Rivette, taken from a novel by De Balzac, in which the great Michel Piccoli takes the role of a famous painter who eternalised her on a canvas in an exceptional sequence of adrenalinic poses.

  17. Turner – 2014

This film evokes the last 25 years of the eccentric British painter William Turner, who was presented at 67th edition of Cannes Festival, receiving the award for the best male interpretation, given to the English actor  Timothy Spall.

  18. Monuments Men – 2014

During the WWII art experts saved some masterpieces from the nazis hands.

  19. Love is the Devil – 1998

1971, while at the Grand Palais of Paris a personal exhibition of Francis Bacon opens, George Dyer, his model and lover, dies for a fatal dose of barbiturates and alcohol.

 20. Camille Claudel – 1988

Camille Claudel devotes her days and nights to her big passion: sculpture. Supported by her father and brother Paul, she dreams to enter in the studio of the great master  Auguste Rodin. After demonstrating her talent and determination to work with him, she gets hired as intern, together with her friend Jessie. Camille falls madly in love with her master, becoming her lover and muse.

 21. Powidoki – 2016

In Polonia after the war, the painter  Wladyslaw Strzeminski, one of the founders of the Unism theory, is challenged every day by health problems, the university authorities, Minister of Culture, and the same Socialist party.

  22. Paula – 2016

Paula is a German biographical film of 2016, filmed by Christian Schwochow. it portrayed the pioneer painter Paula Modersohn-Becker.

  23. Maudie – 2016

The true story of Maudie Lewis, renown Canadian painter, and the obstacles the woman had to overcome during her life. From the encounter with her lover, for whom she used to work as housekeeper, to the achievement of success.

24. Sèraphine – 2008

Séraphine is a 2008 film directed by Martin Provost, based on the life of the French painter  Séraphine de Senlis. The film has triumphed at  César Awards 2009.

25. Final Portrait  – 2017

During a trip to Paris the American writer  James Lord meets  Alberto Giacometti, an internationally acclaimed painter, who asks him an unusual  and touching friendship. It is the beginning of a peculiar relationship driven by beauty and art.