21 March 2016

Animalia Collection on Sale @ Casa Canvas

A small Vase for Small Spaces

“Animalia collection, made of 9 ceramic pieces, where the inhabitants of the animal kingdom are presented in a playful and unexpected way, around the theme of “containing” the minimum essential, typical of our time. Starting from the function of vase then, the empty extremities with their tiny diameters manage to contain elements of a unique and necessary beauty like flowers.”

Those that came to visit us last year at the exhibition  DoUTDesign with Zonasantambrogio saw the first 3D printed prototypes , and with one year distance we can say we completed the first collection with 30 limited edition pieces. Dino, Annone, Migaloo are the firsts of nine animals to be finished, with their extremities finished in real gold and copper, and their presence in your home is going to bring in a breath of fresh spring air with simplicity, also in small spaces which are less suitable for the the collection of objects. These three ceramics are entirely made in Italy and they reflect our idea of design, an object which is accessible and which makes the difference in the space it is placed in.

From December 2016  Dino, Annone and Migaloo are on sale at Casa Canvas, in Carate Brianza, in the province of Monza. Casa Canvas is an apartment-showroom at the ground floor of Villa Stanga Borromeo Arese, an eighteenth century dwelling in the Lambro valley with an elegant Italian garden with the Alps landscape in the background. In the core of Made in Italy you will be welcome by Maurizio and Thayse, the homeowners, and you will find artworks of a variety of designers and artists, and, of course, our lovely Animalia collection.

Price: €35,00

Where: Piazza San Martino 1, Carate Brianza (MB)

only on appointment – Tue-Fri, h 10.00-17.00

Tel. +39 388 0505063