23 March 2016

AMURA news – Milan Design Week 2016

The brand Amura unveils the new pieces it will show off during the upcoming Milan Design Week:


Design: Emanuel Gargano & Anton Cristell

An ancient Roman street, paved with stones smoothed by the time, emerges in a wood or in a wheat field and it takes shape: the geometries gets three dimensional shapes and in an original game of volumes they give life to seats, backs and arms. It takes inspiration from the organise “Lapis” shapes, the new “concept living” designed by Emanuel Gargano & Anton Cristell for Amura.

A simple but at the same time sophisticated design, which place the living into a new prospective and recover the temporal dimensions as a primary element for the wellness of the human being.

The strong materiality is highlighted by the use of materials and finishes which calls back to the “nature”: leather or fabric for the sofa, stone of low tables, silk for the carpet.

The colours are those enhancing and relaxing of the grey tones: from dove grey for the sofa, to the lightest shades of the carpet, until the deep intensity of graphite with fair veins for an elegant and smart effect.


Design: Emanuel Gargano & Anton Cristell

Like the famous french pastry cake which it takes the name from, the Millefoglie table is made of four overlapped planes which creates an elegant game of volumes in perfect balance. Lightness and solidity melt together in Millefoglie, which becomes protagonist of the environment it is placed in. A charming design element which performs the double function of a support base and an original library open of the four sides.

Fuorisalone 2016 – 12th-17th April


Piazzale Biancamano, 2 – Milan