01 January 2018

American design: the international vision of Jamie Gray with the online shop by Matter Made

Dal design in USA alle collaborazioni europee: il meglio dell'arredamento online internazionale

Scopri il design oltreoceano per la tua casa

We had an appointment to meet Jamie Gray during the design week in 2017, we went to his exhibition space close to Garibaldi area in Milan, in a warm sunny afternoon. We had a nice chat in the courtyard outside, he was having a very busy week, and running from and to different events with no breaks, but we found a smiley, easy going, young design enthusiast which was happy and welcoming to introuce his American design shop, one of the few able to recognize high quality design from the other side of the ocean, the voice of USA indipendent makers.

 Where are you based?

Our showroom is in NY but we sell lighting and furniture internationally.

How do you manufacture Matter Made‘s collections?

That’s all under one roof, we have a studio in Brooklyn where we have our designers and we work on development of in-house collections and then we have collaborations with other designers like Philippe Malouin and Faye Toogood. In our studio we mainly design and develop products starting with prototyping and then styling finishes and samplings, after that we usually see our partners to do more specific wood working, and metal work. A lot of stuff is produced in USA, but when we do not find the best manufacturers here we look outside. Anyway one of our main focus is technology, sunlighting, LED, moving roof with light production, we are really looking to the future.

 How do you put together different styles and cultures under your brand?

When I started Matter Made it began as an American project, done in USA with American designers, but since the last few years we developed and our project evolved internationally with new designers.

How would you define the style of your brand Matter Made?

I look at our collection, and all pieces make sense together as a whole, it distinguishes to be classic and pure, you can see a connection to history and antiquity, I would define it as an integrated vision. When we started I looked towards American history to be inspired, but we sort of evolved from that poin on. Even if the pieces are from different designers with different identities, I think you could take all of them and put them in a space, some could look like different from the group, but you still get a single vision. Seeing our collection together, as a colour and material story, you bigger story and everyone made his own part in it.

How did you start?

I studied design briefly then and I found my way in fine art and sculpture, I was really taken with materiality and exploring kind of the threshold of different materials, and eventually I inadvertently found myself looking at the work of other designers and thinking “Oh my God, there is also this great design out in the world that nobody is seeing, and the stores and showrooms were not showing a lot of American design” which was starting to kick in at the beginning of what it was so called the Brooklyn design scene many years ago, and so I had taken upon myself to open my little showroom.