03 March 2016

Preview 5VIE Art+Design – Milan Design Week 2016

5VIE Art+Design is a cultural and territorial marketing project that aims at promoting Milan’s Old Town. The 5VIE (5 Streets) are situated in the heart of Milan and they are: via Santa Marta, via Santa Maria Podone, via Santa Maria Fulcorina, via Bocchetto and via del Bollo. The name “5VIE Art+Design” gathers the three main concepts of the project: history, culture and innovation.

With a strong brand identity and new communication strategies, the area hosts a series of cultural initiatives in occasion of the most important creative events of Milan, in collaboration with PS and Nascent Design agency, as for visual identity.

During this third edition, 5VIE district boasts an increased number of high quality events, by paying attention to the strong cultural matrix, the artisanal projects and the purpose of rediscovering central areas that the majority of people don’t know.

5VIE continues being a cultural promoter and producer, by organizing for the third year in a role the manifesto exhibition of design manual skills, at Spazio Sanremo. After “Bass is in town!”, which in 2014 won the Best Impact Award in occasion of Milan Design Award, and “Exercises in seating by Max Lamb”, this year the matter experimentations of the Israeli duo Raw Edges will be shown. The exhibition by Federica Sala is held in a garage that will turn into a production workshop where, first of all, the tools will be produced in order to give birth to Herringbones. This is a performance- installation that represents the study of the designers on volumes, curves and their interaction.

Events co-organized by the 5VIE Circuit during the 2016 Milan Design Week.

Seletti e Disaronno
 Design Pride 2016 & Party By Disaronno

Piazza Affari

Italy’s most ironic and rebel design brand Seletti presents the first DESIGN PRIDE. This year Design will be celebrated with an engaging pop parade, floats, music and dances: a fully-fledged carnival.

Giornate Europee dei Mestieri d’Arte

The cooperation between the Cologni Foundation of Artistic Craft Professions and Associazione 5 Vie continues strong in the framework of the European Days of Artistic Craft Professions, supported by Vacheron Constantin.

2016 Green Island, ARBRE MAGIQUE / The Biodiversity Tree

Via Terraggio, 5 | Giardino del Terraggio

Arbre Magique is an artistic installation of ecofriendly-design created by the Volpati/Nucarain duo during the 2016 GREEN ISLAND, under the supervision of Claudia Zanfi. This is a joint creative project, based on the expertise of the Volpati/ Nucara duo. The main actor is the tree, which comes alive with colorful silhouettes that leave the spectators in awe, while conveying their message on biodiversity.

First Supper Project – c/o Big Apple

Piazza Mentana,3 ang. Via San Sisto

The SWING Design Gallery from Benevento presents “First Supper Project” by Giovanni Delvecchio e Andrea Magnani. “This is a dinner, his memory fixed in the plates in which it was consumed”.

Ladies & Gentleman

Via Cesare Correnti

Organized by PS and Secondome

PS and Secondome gallery of Rome reopen a popular house of Milan, which has been uninhabited for years, with the purpose of bringing back to light the magic atmosphere of the place and its decorated rooms. The best, new artisan products will be exhibited there: ceramic coverings by Cristina Celestino for Bottega Nove, Mingardo, carpets by Henzel Studio and 3d printed lighting fixtures by Ex-Novo.

This selection aims at celebrating the projects and its creators, such as Mario Milana, Tommaso Fantoni and Francesco Meda, the Lebanese designer Samer al Ameen or the lighting fixtures by Servomuto.

more at 5vie:

MoscaPartners with DAMn° Magazine

Palazzo Litta | Corso Magenta 24

A Matter of Perception: Tradition and Technology.

MISIAD – c/o SIAM Società d’Incoraggiamento Arte e Mestieri

via Santa Marta 18


Masterly – The Dutch in Milan

Palazzo Francesco Turati – Via Meravigli, 7

Cromateria – Luca Trazzi Design

Museo Diocesano – Corso di Porta Ticinese, 95

In – Chiostro Creativo – Design, architecture and the city

Chiostro delle Scuole Orsoline di San Carlo – Via Lanzone, Arch Academy and PPAN.

Italian Touring Club – Aperti per voi /Open for you

DoppiaFirma: dialogues between design and métiers d’art

Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana – 1 San Sepolcro Sq, at the corner with dell’Ambrosiana St

Spazio Rossana Orlandi

14 Matteo Bandello St

Revolart: bring no furniture

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Largo Gemelli