26 December 2015

3 DIY: New Year's Eve Party Decorations and Photo-booth idea

After Christmas the festivities go quickly, we can say New Year’s Eve is behind the corner, and we didn’t stop working on new tutorials! Here you find 3 different types of decoration (step-by-step) in order to get your home ready for an amazing end of the year party.

All the items used follow the latest DIY trends for this time of the year: fringed garlands for the background, big tissue paper pompoms and sparkling gold letters. With these three deco elements you can set up a perfect photo-booth corner, the ideal spot to take beautiful and funny photos of your guests, for unforgettable memories. You can customize all your creations by choosing colours and finishes, mixing or using each item individually, even hanging them above the table or in different spaces at home. Each one is easy and also very economic to make, the best way to recycle all the wrapping paper left overs.

The tissue paper pompoms are also perfect for any kind party, from kids birthday to weddings, so don’t forget these tutorials will be helpful also for the future.

Here below everything you need to know to free your creativity, enjoy!

1: Tissue paper PomPoms


• Tissue paper sheets (we used 10 – 50×70 cm sheets for single element);

• Thin metallic wire;

• Scissors.

Cut the sheets of size you want, just remember to always follow the rectangular proportion of 1:1,5 (base:height).

Fold up the base (the short side) as a “squeeze box”, we got 15 folds measuring about 4.5 cm each. You can also use sheets of different colours to get a shaded and funny pompom.

At competition you will get a packet like this, try to keep the same size for each crease for a better result.

Firmly secure the center of your folded sheets with a wire ring, tight the noose up well and leave one end of the wire longer to be able to hang your pom-poms once completed.

Enhance the ends by cutting them the way you like the most, we chose a triangular shape, but you can round them up or cut small fringes.

Open and soften the folds up. Start raising upwards the different layers of tissue paper, one by one, beginning from the center, very gently, half upward and half downward. Remember, the final effect should be a spherical shape!

So, here you have the pom-poms finished, don’t be afraid of small flaws or tears, once hung you can still move and reposition the layers, so the cloud effect is guaranteed!

2: Golden backdrop


• Wrapping gold paper or gold crepe paper, the important is that the back is white or in a contrasting color (the size of our rolls is 90×250 cm);

• Meter;

• Scissors.

Depending on the size of your paper rolls divide each one in segments, we divided our roll 90 cm into 3 parts getting strips of 30×250 cm.

To speed up the process keep the longer side folded in order to cut multiple layers in once, but be very careful to not divide or tear the garland.

You will get many fringed strips, ready to be hung on the ceiling, one after another. For a more lively effect roll up or  wrinkle all the fringes.

3: Gold fringe numbers


• Cardboard, you can retrieve some from your Christmas gifts;

• Metallic foil fringe curtain;

• Marker;

• Scissors;

• Glue.

Drawn 2016 or the word you prefer the most on the cardboard. If you don’t feel confident to draw freehand help yourself printing the numbers from a pc and then trace the outlines.

Once you have completed the writing, cut the various parts.

Put some glue along the edges and a bit also in the centre.

Start fixing all the long golden fringes on one side, and then wrap them around all the cardboard shape. Don’t worry about mistakes or flaws, the end result has to be messy and glittering, almost explosive, the white glue becomes completely transparent and shiny once it dries!

Hang all the letters from the ceiling or place them on a shelf, they will reflect all the lights like a small golden explosion.

The final result can be reworked, but your photo-booth corner as it is now will be admired by the whole party!