13 January 2016

Welcome to 2016 Home Decor Trends!

2016 has just begun and we finally starting to see the first big companies proposals for home decor. In this first post about the new year news, we want to compare old and new trends, to understand how you can replace or modify that had a great success in 2015, but maybe it starts to tire a bit.

Don’t worry about your past purchases we are sure that you can reuse them renovated under a whole new light in the future.

Terrazzo Platters

Terrazzo is the new Concrete.

Concrete in 2015 has had a huge success on Pinterest and among the proposals DIY proposals. Vases, trays, shelves, lamps, everything in which you could make this material has been made. In 2016, we can think to put aside all this material for the more elaborate and composed terrazzo, it consists of small pieces of marble and other stones tied together with various binders. The result is surprising in small objects.


Fed up with the dark blue? Try the new blue dusty.

The dark and dramatic tones, are binding and may annoy quickly, this year we suggest you to lighten the shades with something more dusty and clear. Your house will thank you!


Sheepskin? Ok, but colorful!

White and fluffy – used on carpets, blankets, pillows and a thousand other items, the sheepskin was on all home decor images of 2015. For the new year we would like to give it a little of life, and the fastest are already proposing colorful new versions that we adore.